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Sour cream ice cream with lime

Makingreally good ice cream at home is not as easy, but it’s also not as complicated as you might think. The right ingredients, the taste – and especially the perfect consistency – are important. The benchmark for the latter is texture, which is achieved in the catering industry, for example, with the help of a pacojet. I have found a trick how to get this result but quite close – and without Pacojet and even without ice cream machine.

A good ice cream should be softly melting, naturally free of ice crystals, airy and creamy. For my experiment, I chose a sour cream ice cream. Very summery and thanks to abundant lime juice and lime zest with a slight fresh acidity.

The trick is actually quite simple, just requires some time and preparation. The first step is to create the base for the ice cream according to the recipe and then freeze it for 24 hours. This looks a bit disappointing at first: A very solid mass, many small and large ice crystals and far from being as creamy and fluffy as desired. Therefore, the only minimally thawed ice cream goes directly into the Vitamix divided into several small blocks. Now mix it briefly on low to medium speed until a thick mixture is formed. This is frozen again and after another 24 hours it is subjected to the same procedure again. Frozen again, it is now ready to eat and should be thawed for a good 10 minutes before serving.

In principle, you need to get started at least 48 hours before the first consumption – but since all the steps are really quick, it’s more a matter of planning. As is often the case…

sour cream ice cream-1

The sour cream ice cream is ideally accompanied by fresh fruit and a bed of crumble of shortbread (or another strong cookie) and, loosely interpreted from a dessert I ate the other day at the Dovecot, some leaves of young spinach. This is briefly marinated with lemon and a little sugar sweet and sour and still gives the dessert a light and ethereal bitter note.

Recipe for sour cream ice cream with lime

Forabout 600 g ice cream
Preparation time: 20 minutes, plus 48 hours for the two freezing and mixing operations.
½ vanilla bean
80 g sugar
½ organic lime
300 g sour cream
200 g cream
100 ml water
Bring vanilla pulp and pod, water and sugar to a boil and reduce to about half the liquid amount. Allow to cool. Now grate the lime zest and squeeze the juice.
Mix the juice, zest the sour cream, cream and sugar syrup or blend briefly.

Freeze the mixture for 24 hours. Then allow to thaw briefly and place in blocks in the Vitamix. Blend for 30 seconds, first on low, then on medium speed. Then freeze again for 24 hours and optionally repeat this process.

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