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Seven questions for Heiko Antoniewicz

Heiko Antoniewicz is the author of my preferred sous-vide book and one of the proven German sous-vide experts. On the occasion of the launch of the new sous-vide equipment for home use from fusionchef, we have the opportunity to get answers to some pressing questions around the topic.

What does cooking of the future look like for you? What role does sous vide play in this?
This is a difficult question, because no one knows exactly what the developments of the future will look like. However, I am increasingly observing that more and more people are eating healthily and consciously and want to do without flavorings and preservatives. Sous Vide plays a crucial role here, because since important vitamins and minerals are preserved during cooking, the low-temperature cooking method also enables healthy eating at home.

What do you think are the biggest advantages of the cooking method for professionals?
For me quite clearly: the taste experience! The sous vide process intensifies the taste of fresh products even more, because the vacuum does not allow anything to escape, and the low temperature allows all the flavors to develop ideally. As a professional, however, I also appreciate how easy it is to plan. I can super prepare dishes sous vide, then chill them down, store them, and gently regenerate them as needed, all without any loss of quality or flavor.

Is sous-vide also suitable for home use or rather reserved for professionals?
There are many advantages, because sous vide brings a lot of flexibility to the home kitchen and is really suitable for everyone. In gastronomy, we especially appreciate the fact that you can prepare dishes when you have time and regenerate as needed. This is also interesting for families when everyone comes home at different times. The food can be gently heated or kept warm.

What do you think is the reason why so few private households have and use sous vide equipment so far?
Until now, such equipment was incredibly expensive, which is now fortunately changing with the new product line from Fusionchef. I’ve already tested the new end-user device, and not only is it reasonably priced, it’s also dead easy to use – which is especially important for private households. But what I personally find most essential is that Fusionchef has the most experience in sous vide techniques. This means that the end-user devices incorporate all the know-how from the professional sector.

What does a device have to do to be of interest to private households?
To enable beginners to get started straight away, Fusionchef by Julabo placed particular emphasis on ease of operation when developing the new device. A timer has also been integrated, which I find quite important. This means that amateur cooks do not have to constantly watch the clock, because when the desired cooking level is reached, the appliance only keeps warm and does not continue cooking. Fusionchef also sells its own cookbooks, which make it easier to get started with sous vide cooking.

Which dishes do you think taste best sous vide?
Vanilla sauce is really great and always an experience. Simply mix milk with eggs, sugar and vanilla, let stand briefly so that the air bubbles settle, and then vacuum seal everything in the bag. Then cook at low temperature. The aroma of the sauce is fantastic!

Is there anything you can’t prepare sous vide?
It is important to use only fresh and good food for sous vide cooking, as the flavor is potentiated under vacuum – this also applies to food that is not quite perfect, which of course you do not want. Otherwise, almost everything is allowed, but there is a small selection of products that should not be cooked sous-vide due to their characteristics. These include, for example, onions and garlic, they oxidize and develop a metallic and bitter taste. Olive oil can also become bitter, so it is best to add it to the products after cooking. Cabbages should also not be vacuumed, as a sulfur gas is formed during the process, and alcohol must always be boiled briefly before it ends up in the bag. Otherwise, there are no limits to creativity. You should not be afraid of the method, because with the most important information about time and temperature, really anyone can easily cook sous vide.

Sous-vide at Amazon
69,90 EUR
328 pages
Publisher: Matthaes
Published March 2011

Note: All links to Amazon are so-called affiliate links. If you order something via this link, the price will not change for you, but the author of these lines will receive a small percentage of the sales. I was provided with a sous-vide unit from Fusionchef for testing purposes.

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Anna Sgroi at Milchstraße, Hamburg

Anna Sgroi at Milchstraße, Hamburg

Asparagus sous vide

Asparagus sous vide

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