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Kochfreunde.com ist das kulinarisches Magazin von Oliver Wagner. Hier dreht sich alles rund um die beinahe schönste Sache der Welt: Gutes Essen. Dabei reicht der Fokus von Berichten über spannende Restaurants bis hin zu Rezepten aus der eigenen Küche, Kochbücher und kulinarische Gadgets.

The Facil x Imperial Caviar Menu

While the pandemic continues to have us firmly in its grip, restaurants continue to turn up the heat and surprise us with ever new creations and the promise of star cuisine to be experienced at home. Or just deliver really good home cooking. I find that more than tempting, too – and there are hardly any reasons (from the consumer’s point of view) why that shouldn’t be maintained even after the restrictions end.

And then there are ideas and menus that once again stand out from the current offer. Like this idea of the restaurant Facil from Berlin, which we prepared at home this weekend.

The restaurant at the Mandala Hotel is run by kitchen director Michael Kempf (“Rising Star of the Year” by Gault-Millau, 2008) and chef Joachim Gerne. Already since 2013 it holds the second Michelin star and is certainly one of the most exciting kitchens in the capital.

The Facil’s current @Home menu comes in four courses and focuses exclusively on caviar. Each course focuses on a different type of caviar and accompanies it in such a way that it is ideally staged. And that is indeed a tightrope walk. On the one hand, of course, the fine texture and aroma of caviar must not be masked – but on the other hand, such a menu should give us our own accents and ideas.

The menu can be ordered exclusively through Imperial Caviar in Berlin and contains four varieties from the portfolio of the caviar experts accordingly. The menu price is 350€ for the classic version. For an extra 100€, each course can be complemented with two additional 10g cans of the caviar used. So you can try the basic product in parallel again pure. I think it’s a nice idea, especially since it’s really the best way to explore how the other components support the caviar and change the impression on the palate in a direct comparison. But admittedly: Of course, this is real luxury within luxury…

Cauliflower brandade and tomato macis emulsion
with Ossetra Selection

An elegant start and a very coherent combination. The creamy puree of cauliflower goes very well with the ossetra aromatically and also in texture. The slight acidity of the tomatoes adds some freshness and  the small but subtle kick of mace supports the caviar well.

Beet confit, créme fraîche and tarragon mayonnaise
with Imperial Auslese

The beet comes with a finely balanced spiciness and doesn’t seem earthy at all. The texture varies from very creamy and fine to light and clearly perceptible cubes. A course between sweet, sour and slightly spicy. Nevertheless, there is enough room for the Imperial Auslese to develop.

Gelled essence of beef and chawanmushi cream
with Fine Beluga

This is a pretty extraordinary dish. First, of course, thanks to the particularly high quality and melting beluga. But the chawanmushi with smoked soy sauce and the beef essence  are also very exciting. Together, the result is a flavor that is quite unique. Here it makes especially much sense to taste the Beluga also again purely from the small 10g tins, which are supplied in the premium version of the menu.

Smoked sturgeon and hazelnut beurre blanc, potato risotto
with Imperial Baerii

This dish is a true classic from the Facil – only reinterpreted here: The creamy risotto provides enough texture for the powerful sturgeon. The nutty beurre blanc ties all the components together and ties in the Imperial Baerri pretty perfectly. Here the balance or the tuning of the quantities is important, otherwise the sturgeon can appear a bit too dominant.

The preparation

The menu is very easy to prepare at home. All components come in small plastic bags. Two courses are served at room temperature, so here is actually nothing to prepare besides the dressing. The first and fourth gears are heated to 80 degrees. Either in a water bath or, if available, in a sous-vide basin. Ideally, you have a few serving rings in the house that aren’t too big, so it’s easier to achieve the shapes. The components to be dabbed on conveniently come in small piping bags. If you are not so familiar with it (like me), you might want to decant the contents into small plastic bottles – then the dabs will certainly turn out a bit prettier.

Note: With Imperial Caviar in Berlin I am friendly, as well as business connected, and for example responsible for the implementation of the new online store and also the product page for the Facil menu.Accordingly, I have marked this post as advertising. Basically, however, I try here, as in my other articles about caviar, to report objectively and neutrally. This reference is nevertheless absolutely appropriate for reasons of transparency.

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Beef tenderloin tart with Imperial Auslese caviar

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