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New Michelin stars for Vilnius and Lithuania

Four new starred restaurants complete the Baltic Guide

With the Michelin Guide for Lithuania published today, one of Europe’s most exciting cuisines is finally moving into the spotlight. The culinary scene in the capital Vilnius (pronounced without the second i, by the way) is particularly diverse and offers a particularly high level of quality. Above all, many restaurants have continued to develop at a very high level in recent years and have honed their own identity and signature style. It’s good to see that the new guide is helping to remove this blank spot from many maps.

The cuisines in the Baltic capital reflect this diversity, which can also be found in the city’s history. Founded over 700 years ago, Vilnius once attracted people from all over Europe to create a new city. To this day, the culinary diversity in Vilnius is characterized by these numerous and varied influences.

Restaurant 14Horses, Lithuania

Traditional dishes such as cepelinai, Šaltibarščiai and kugelis often form the basis for modern interpretations. In Vilnius, these classics are refined with fresh, local ingredients and new preparation methods. Restaurants such as “Džiaugsmas” and “Nineteen18” are at the forefront of this culinary revolution, combining traditional recipes with modern techniques and placing great emphasis on sustainability and local produce.

Restaurant Nineteen18, Vilnius, will have one star in future

The cuisine of Vilnius in one book: Vilnius – the cookbook!

Denise Wachter’s cookbook, which will be published this August, shows many backgrounds of the culinary scene in Vilnius and at the same time offers both modern variations and typical dishes such as the deep-fried garlic bread “Kepta duona” with Lithuanian aioli or the pink soup “Šaltibarščiai”. For all newcomers to Baltic cuisine, the book offers an inspiring journey to the culinary highlights of Lithuania’s beautiful capital.


The growing food scene in Vilnius is complemented by food festivals and markets that celebrate local producers and their products. These events promote the exchange between chefs, producers and gourmets and contribute to the dynamic development of modern Lithuanian cuisine.

Lithuania completes our portfolio for the Baltic states. This edition highlights the unique Lithuanian gastronomy and showcases the country’s talented chefs who create their dishes with passion, creativity and respect for local tradition.

Gwendal Pullenec, International Director of the Michelin Guides

Overall, modern cuisine in Vilnius is an exciting interplay of tradition and innovation that delights both local and international palates. This trend is reflected in the recently published Michelin Guide for Vilnius and Lithuania.

Restaurant Gaspar’s , Vilnius, wins Service Award

Modern Lithuanian cuisine, especially in the capital Vilnius, is a fascinating blend of traditional Lithuanian flavors and contemporary culinary trends. Vilnius, rich in history and culture, has developed into a gastronomic hotspot. Today’s chefs define the new Lithuanian cuisine and gain international recognition.

Restaurant Pas mus, Vilnius, also awarded one star

The Michelin Guide’s starred restaurants for Vilnius

The Demoloftas restaurant in Vilnius is run more as a café during the day and changes to a restaurant on selected evenings, and now also as a Michelin-starred restaurant. Chef Tadas Eidukevičius impresses with creative menus and interesting wine pairings. The Michelin inspectors particularly praised the creative lamb dishes and the patisserie.

Džiaugsmas is located in the center of Vilnius in a historic building, but guests are greeted by a modern dining room in urban industry style. Chef Martynas’ tasting menu with snacks such as donut with black pudding and main courses such as halibut with shrimp mousse impressed the inspectors with clear flavors and modern plating.

The Nineteen18 restaurant is also located in the historic center of Vilnius. The restaurant offers a menu with a sequence of up to ten courses that flow harmoniously into one another. Chef Andrius Kubilius uses ingredients from his own farm. The mushroom dumplings made according to Andrius’ mother’s recipe and the Danish beef with chicken caramel were particularly popular.

Chef Vita Bartininkaitė runs the Pas mus, which has a particularly cozy atmosphere with candles and handmade wooden tables. The seasonal surprise menu uses ingredients from Vita’s garden and offers innovative dishes. The inspectors particularly praised the raspberry dessert with white chocolate ganache.

Ein SternNineteen18Andrius KubiliusVilnius
Ein SternDžiaugsmas Martynas PraškevičiusVilnius
Ein SternDemoloftasTadas EidukevičiusVilnius
Ein SternPas musVita BartininkaitėVilnius

The Bib Gourmand restaurants in Lithuania

Bib Gourmand14HorsesVilnius
Bib GourmandGaspar’sVilnius
Bib GourmandLe TraviVilnius
Bib GourmandNümanKaunas

Further mentions in the Michelin Guide Lithuania

The list of further mentions offers a glimpse of what is to come, perhaps of a higher order. For travelers to Vilnius and Lithuania, these restaurants are certainly of particular interest – traditionally, you will have great problems with reservations in the newly-renovated establishments in the coming weeks and months…

Amandus, Vilnius
Apvalaus Stalo Klubo, Trakai
Arrivée, Kaunas
Augustin, Vilnius
Da Antonio, Vilnius
DIA, Kaunas
Dine, Vilnius
elven, Vilnius
Ertlio Namas, Vilnius
Fabrikėlis, Vilnius
Farmer & The Ocean, Vilnius
Gastronomika, Vilnius
HeJi, Vilnius
Justa Pasta, Vilnius
Momo Grill, Vilnius
monai, Klaipėda
Monte Pacis, Kaunas
Pacai, Vilnius
Protėviai, Vilnius
Red Brick, Radiškis
Somm, Vilnius
Stebuklai, Vilnius
Stikliai, Vilnius
Telegrafas, Vilnius
Uoksas, Kaunas
Vila Komoda, Palanga

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