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Venison goulash & Schupfnudeln

The pre-Christmas season cries out to infuse the festively decorated house with the intense scent of gingerbread. But you don’t have to be able or willing to bake cookies to do this. Instead, can devote himself to a wonderful winter game dish.

The intense aroma of this dish is mainly due to the gingerbread and the 5 Spices spice, which is actually an Asian spice blend of up to 9 spices and has a winter or Christmas appeal. The strong Schwarzbier also contributes flavors of malt and a slight, tart bitterness that harmonizes perfectly with the mellow Hirsch. In this case, the cranberries are stirred directly into the sauce, giving the dish an additional fruity sweetness and a very slight acidity.

deer goulash gingerbread-2


For 4 people
1kg venison (shoulder or leg)
2 carrots
0.5 Celery
0.5 Celery
2 large onions
0.4l game stock
5 juniper berries
0.33l black beer (e.g. coal trimmer from Buddelship)
2TL Five Spices spice (star anise, ginger, clove, cinnamon, fennel, sezuan pepper, nutmeg, tangerine zest) – I worked with this product.
2EL cranberries
20gr tomato paste
3 bay leaves
30gr gingerbread
40gr butter
Salt & Pepper

For the Schupfnudeln

1k g potato(s), floury cooking
1 egg yolk
100gr flour
25gr durum wheat semolina
2kg coarse sea salt
Salt & nutmeg

Preparation venison

Parry the venison and cut it into pieces that are not too small. In a large roasting pan, fry in hot oil in several rounds until dark, seasoning vigorously with salt and pepper. First set the meat aside and in the roaster sauté the diced onions, then first stir in the tomato paste and also lightly sauté, then add the remaining vegetables (coarsely diced) and sauté for about 5 minutes.

Add the meat again and deglaze with the game stock and black beer. Add bay leaves and (lightly pressed) juniper berries. Simmer for about 100 to 120 minutes at low temperature with the lid closed. Now add 2 good tsp of Five Spices seasoning and stir in the cranberries. Simmer again for 10 minutes. Now about 30% of the sauce incl. skim off part of the vegetables and blend together with the butter using a hand blender. The starch in the carrots and the cold butter create a nice binding and a strong gloss for the sauce. Pour back into the roaster and fold in along with the finely crumbled pieces of gingerbread. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Preparation Schupfnudeln

Spread 2kg of sea salt on a small tray. Place potatoes with skin on top of sea salt. Cut the potatoes once each. Place in oven at 180 degrees for 60 minutes.Allow potatoes to cool slightly. Peel and pass through potato ricer. Knead with salt, nutmeg, egg yolk, flour and semolina to a dough. Form Schupfnudeln and cook briefly. Fry hot before serving.

This recipe was one of my suggestions for the Culinary Annual Railroad Campaign, which I will accompany in 2018. In the end, however, we decided on a different dish – reason enough to share the wintry stag with you now…

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