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Kochfreunde.com ist das kulinarisches Magazin von Oliver Wagner. Hier dreht sich alles rund um die beinahe schönste Sache der Welt: Gutes Essen. Dabei reicht der Fokus von Berichten über spannende Restaurants bis hin zu Rezepten aus der eigenen Küche, Kochbücher und kulinarische Gadgets.

Steffen Henssler: Simply Henssler

There is a new cookbook from Steffen Henssler. Quick recipes with a maximum of six ingredients: Simply Henssler.

Hardly any TV chef is currently as present and active as Steffen Henssler. Tour, own TV show, and in the future Grill den Henssler will also be on the schedule, i.e. the exclusive takeover of the celebrity cooking arena. Of course, it makes sense to turn this media presence into hard cash via another book. And Steffen’s new book, now his fourth, also follows this maxim. Thanks to simple and straightforward recipes, it is very compatible with the masses and thus able to address the really large market.

On the other hand, it must be said that precisely because of the reduction to extremely simple and simplest recipes, much individuality (and quality) falls by the wayside. Even the small tips on the side are sometimes not much more than better dummy text. For example, the tip for tomato mozzarella pasta states. “Sometimes it just has to be pasta. And tomato mozzarella basil is a real classic”.. Well.


Overall, I remain somewhat perplexed. I’m probably not part of the target group of Einfach Henssler, which is actually already very broad. It’s all a bit too uncharitable for me, in the truest sense of the word. Even the layout and cover seem extremely interchangeable and not very well done.

QR code? Seriously?

And then there’s a big tease: with videos and shopping lists, it says on the cover. And indeed, next to some recipes there is a reference to small video clips. However, not as a URL (ideally perhaps even a shortened URL that can be tracked by the publisher) that you can quickly enter on the sofa device of your choice, whether laptop, tablet or smartphone – no, the QR code was actually used. Not only does it look bad, it’s extremely impractical and purely geared towards smartphone use. After years of resisting this nonsense, curiosity won out and I installed a QR code scanner on the iPhone to decode the URLs.


The previously mentioned unkindness of the book is then again very clearly shown in the 11 videos about the book. They can also be viewed without the book on the Vimeo page of DK Verlag. Shot with the iPhone, blurred and produced absolutely on the fly.

Steffen Henssler: Simply Henssler
Price: € 19.95
192 pages
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
Published 27 August 2013


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