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Kochfreunde.com ist das kulinarisches Magazin von Oliver Wagner. Hier dreht sich alles rund um die beinahe schönste Sache der Welt: Gutes Essen. Dabei reicht der Fokus von Berichten über spannende Restaurants bis hin zu Rezepten aus der eigenen Küche, Kochbücher und kulinarische Gadgets.

The best new cookbooks in October 2019

There is good news and bad news: A number of new and wonderful cookbooks have been published this month. As diverse as their authors. Unfortunately, this is also a bitter blow to the already strained culinary budget. Above all the new standard work approximately around bread of Nathan Myhrvold strikes thereby with over 500€ into the account. Claudio del Principe adds a mano to his fabulous line of Italian-inspired recipes and cooking techniques. And Sophia Schillik, with whom I’ve already had the pleasure of working on the Cilento cookbook, is publishing a book all about minimalism in the kitchen. Marianus von Hörsten has just opened the Klinker restaurant in Hamburg, which I like very much, and he has just published his first cookbook: Meine Hofküche shows recipes from the countryside, but especially with seasonal and local products from the area.



a mano

Claudio Del Principe

After homemade bread and sourdough, handmade pasta is the new big thing on the food “craft” scene. People are reflecting on tradition, looking over the shoulders of Italian nonnas (who are currently conquering the hearts of foodies on Instagram and YouTube) and translating the art of artisanal pasta production into contemporary dishes. Claudio Del Principe has always cultivated a great passion for “pasta fatta in casa”, and he is convinced: anyone can make pasta. In a skilfully entertaining, witty and clear manner, he shows how, with care and attention, tempting delicacies are created from flour, water and egg. Whether simple tagliarini or small artfully crafted shapes, whether pappardelle, cappellacci, garganelli, agnolotti or fagottini, whether cavatelli, trofie or orecchiette – each of these varieties is explained in detail and combined with the appropriate classic additions, “ragù” and “sughi”. A book about the happiness of good handmade things and a must for those who love pasta.



Modernist Bread

Nathan Myhrvold

Modernist Bread provides completely new insights into one of humanity’s most important staples. Written by the same team as the award-winning Modernist Cuisine: The Culinary Revolution, this book was created over the course of more than four years through independent research and in collaboration with industry professionals. The result is the most comprehensive work to date on the subject of “bread.” Outstanding photographs bring bread knowledge to life in five volumes. As a reader, you’ll discover the incredible history of bread, learn about breads from around the world, and experience the breathtaking beauty of scientific phenomena that take place under and on the crust. Plus, innovative recipes and techniques developed by the Modernist Cuisine team and published here for the first time. United in a chic stainless steel slipcase, the volumes contain over 1500 traditional and avant-garde recipes, as well as a handy spiral-bound recipe guide that puts all the recipes in front of you at a glance. Modernist Bread contains over 2300 pages and is a valuable source of knowledge for anyone who wants to learn more about bread or develop their craft. This book is a wake-up call for all bakers – strict traditionalists and eager modernists alike, as well as amateur bakers, restaurant chefs or artisan bakers: they should all open the door to inventiveness and follow their inspiration to bake breads in their own unique way.

Five hardcover books (26 x 34 cm) with ribbon bookmark, two glue wedges and a recipe manual with spiral binding in a stainless steel slipcase (35 x 28.5 x 22 cm).

Modernist Bread Deutsche Ausgabe
  • Nathan Myhrvold (Author)



Minimalism kitchen

Sophia Schillik

Cook great things in a small kitchen with few ingredients and few kitchen tools – it’s possible! You don’t need a Thermomix and want a reduction to the essentials? Then the minimalism trend is just right for you. And with Sophia Schillik’s cookbook, minimalist cooking is now possible. She shows how you can use just a few ingredients and left overs in small mini or student kitchens to whip up creative and quick meals that fill you up and taste great.

Less is more

Often it is only a few ingredients and hand movements that make a meal a success. This can already be achieved by combining new flavors, tastes and a change in consistency. You don’t need a flambe or a sous vide machine. The dishes in the recipe book are

Raw – so they are prepared entirely without heat and do not even need a stove
One-Pot – so everything from one pot – few kitchen utensils and little to wash up.
Six wins – consist of just six ingredients
Lightning recipes – succeed in maximum 20 minutes and taste delicious
No special appliances, Kitchenheroes instead

It’s not the pot or the food processor that makes the dish special, it’s the use of quality ingredients. The combination of individual flavors provides the fireworks in the mouth. The meals in the Minimalism Cookbook feature a lot of sophistication and background knowledge about food pairing. In addition, the author explains every now and then which ingredients and kitchen utensils are indispensable.



My farm kitchen: regional, seasonal and really tasty

Marianus von Hörsten

Farmers markets are great. There you can find regionally and seasonally produced food that tastes really good because it is produced with care. In his book Meine Hofküche, Marianus von Hörsten, professional chef and winner of the Next Chef Award 2018, provides his best recipes. Raised on a Demeter farm, he has a close relationship with natural food production and knows how to skillfully showcase the products. During a walk around the farm he explains the different production areas, from the pasture to the orchard, and tells extremely interesting about his experiences and adventures. In addition, he processes the respective products into delicious dishes, always with other seasonal ingredients – sometimes very simple and pure, sometimes skillfully refined. The gorgeous images of the farm and surrounding landscape, as well as the incomparable food photography, put you right in the middle of the action – you’ll want to start cooking right away.


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