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Robert Stolz: Back to Plön

After just over two years, Robert Stolz is leaving the Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg. There he managed the Grill, the Grand Hotel’s large restaurant, as head chef and discreetly modernized it with dishes that were rather unusual for the place, such as mussels, parsley and rapeseed oil, or pumpernickel mousse with sanddorn ice cream. In addition, classics such as panfish or Wiener schnitzel were also on the menu.

But Robert Stolz’s heart burns for Nordic cuisine. Time and again he is drawn to Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo on his travels. And when some time ago, during the remodeling of the large house in Plön, which is owned by the family, the question kept coming up whether he could not cook for friends in the new kitchen, an idea was formed: a long table, set for 12 guests. Family & Friends Dinner with an open view of the kitchen. And a menu of 6 courses that again follows exactly the passion of Robert Stolz. In addition, six small snacks will play an important role – and one course will be dedicated exclusively to homemade bread.

This will be accompanied by a small selection between five red and five white wines, alternatively, of course, a non-alcoholic accompaniment based on juices – and free water. The chef, who was first awarded a Michelin star back in 1997, would also like to place a special focus on regional craft beer. Currently, Stolz is planning a price of 80€ for the menu.

Impressions on Instagram: Nougat mousse with cherries and cherry sorbet
Impressions on Instagram: Muesli RS with bacon, cranberries and fir oil
Impressions on Instagram: Cornflower, blue cheese DK with lupine coffee cream, spring onions & beer raisins

It will start around the beginning of November – provided that the somewhat complex construction work is well completed by then. Around the kitchen and the guest room, no stone is left unturned.

In addition to the table, i.e. the restaurant concept, there will also be a culture club and a cooking school in the premises in Plön in the future.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Robert work in his quasi-natural habitat and especially to the new dishes from his kitchen.

Until then, all updates from the construction site can be found on Robert Stolz’s Instagram account.

Robert pride
Market 24
24306 Plön

Opening hours:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 19:00

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