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The Coda Bar in Berlin

If you think of a dessert bar, you probably feel blindsided by desserts at first. Who is going to eat all this? Even petit fours after dessert are often too much for the stomach. But René Frank, exceptional talent in patisserie, and Oliver Bischof, Berlin graduate designer, show that this concept works. Since the summer of 2016, they have been sweetening our lives with Coda Bar, Berlin’s first dessert bar.

For many, this is sure to ring alarm bells at first. Upscale gastronomy and Neukölln? Does that even fit together? You bet! The problem district has now developed into an absolute trendy neighborhood. René and Oliver are also convinced of this, having deliberately chosen the location for their venue here.

Menus | Maximilian Carlo Schmidt

Unassuming from the outside, upon entering Coda Bar we are immediately more than thrilled by the interior alone. Here, thought has been given to the last detail. The bar is very tastefully decorated. Modern, stylish, simple.

Clear recommendation: The beverage pairing

It is our first visit to the Coda Bar, we want to take the full program and can look forward to six courses after our order. If this seems too much, you can of course choose between a one-course and a five-course menu. Either way, each course is accompanied by a matching drink, which we highly recommend in any case! Because each one not only tastes sensational, but also perfectly rounds off the respective dish. Of course, you could also drink a Riesling, but we definitely recommend going for the pairing. The Coda Bar is open until open end, so you can always drink something else afterwards. And with the open view into the kitchen, one likes to sit longer anyway. For example, beet | tofu | cranberry was accompanied by a cocktail of pomegranate, orange, black olive and white vermouth. The fact that this leaves you slightly tipsy after six courses is something we don’t need to go into at this point.

Pork popcorn | Maximilian Carlo Schmid
Absolute feel-good ambience

In addition to the very tasteful interior, the consistently outstanding dessert creations and drinks, much more contributes to making us feel at home from the first moment. For one thing, we think the music is very well chosen for the ambience. Slightly rocky, yet modern. On the other hand, in the Coda Bar you will meet polite, professional and at the same time easy-going staff. Everyone here loves their work – and lets the guest feel this passion as well. No matter who serves us a plate, we are told a story that doesn’t sound trite or memorized, but is simply absolutely authentic.

Our conclusion

The Coda Bar inspires us with an extraordinary concept of a distinct bar culture, behind which an enormous amount of work has gone into it. Qualitatively, everything is at the highest level, so we would spend an evening here again at any time. If you don’t mind Neukölln at night, you should treat yourself to this culinary experience.

After six courses you are really full. But for all those who are used to eating rather more, it might even be worth a visit to Nobelhart & Schmutzig or einsunternull for a light dinner beforehand, and then finish off the evening with a few dishes at Coda Bar.

Our tip: Be sure to make a reservation beforehand!

At a glance
  • Restaurant: CODA Dessert Bar(to the website)
  • Chef:René Frank
  • Date of visit: April 11, 2017
  • Contact: Friedelstraße 47,12047 Berlin,
    +49 (0)30-40576793


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