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Tonkatsu – completely without meat

It’salmost a small, cherished tradition: For every launch of a new product from Rügenwalder Mühle, I get to think about a small, quick recipe. This is also the case these days, when a number of new products are also available as frozen goods for the first time.

A total of four new items are now available in the nation’s frozen food counters: Vegetarian Mühlen Schnitzel in the “classic” variety, the Vegetarian Mühlen Cordon Bleu, the Vegetarian Mühlen Nuggets in the “classic” variety and the new Vegetarian Mühlen Chickenburger. All promise the quick and, above all, meat-free enjoyment.

Like all vegetarian products from Rügenwalder Mühle, the new vegetarian skillet products from the freezer are made completely meat-free. The advantage for the consumer is obvious: the frozen products can be stored for longer periods and can be processed quickly when needed. Rügenwalder Mühle has developed its own vegetarian ham especially for the Vegetarian Mühlen Cordon Bleu. The entire meat-free line from Rügenwalder Mühle therefore bears the European V label. The main ingredients of the new frozen products for the pan are high-quality proteins from soy.

For my quick dish, I took inspiration from Asian cuisine – and serve up a vegetarian version of tonkatsu, the cutlet so insanely popular in Japan. If it does not come purely, but with some fresh products on the plate, one speaks probably rather of the Teishoku.ruegenwalder-01

In my case, however, not with pork, but completely meat-free. Lightly fried Mie noodles (deglazed with mirin, sake and soy sauce) and a few quickly blanched florets of romanesco serve as the base. To accompany a few straw tomatoes from the oven. Light crunch is provided by shelled and roasted peanuts, which together with plenty of furikake make for an aromatic and Asian topping.


Of course, instead of the vegetarian mill cutlet, you can also use a classic breaded pork cutlet – preferably coated in panko. But, that’s not what today is about….

The cutlets from the freezer are quickly seared at about 180 degrees and are ready to serve within 10 minutes. Taste and texture? In my combination, nothing stands out unpleasantly. Quite the opposite. The bite is firm, the taste thanks to the profound seasoning knowledge of the Rügenwalder experts not at all run – but also does not directly remind of meat. Which is certainly more of an advantage than a disadvantage in this context. Only the breading shows its somewhat industrial origin.

Since the little man has been living consistently without meat for a few months (but also mostly without substitute products), this would be a dish that you could cook quickly for him, should he ever have the great desire for a schnitzel again. Which occurs naturally.

“We have a high demand on quality. It is also important to our customers what is in our products. That’s why we pay close attention to the ingredients,” explains Godo Röben, Head of Marketing and Research & Development. The cheese the Vegetarian Mills Cordon Bleu does not contain animal rennet. The egg white in the Vegetarian Mill Schnitzels and Vegetarian Mill Nuggets comes exclusively from free-range eggs. In addition, the new meat-free pan products are lactose-free and without added flavor enhancers.

Available now in all well-stocked frozen food departments.

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