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Boathouse Hamburg

Hamburg. Port city. The Elbe in front of the door. The Alster. Lakes and canals as far as the eye can see. And more bridges than Venice. But the number of really good fish restaurants can be counted on the fingers of the three-fingered sloth’s hand. At best. All the more gratifying to announce a new addition with exactly this focus: The Boathouse.

“I want to showcase a new form of high-end gastronomy and delight my guests with outstanding product quality and an innovative food structure,” explains Chef Thomas Macyszyn, who previously cooked up a Michelin star at Navette in Rüsselsheim. “My concept combines the know-how of star gastronomy with a relaxed and communicative atmosphere.”

thomas-macyszyn_3The new restaurant at Isekai 1 officially opens today, but yesterday evening’s pre-opening gave guests a first glimpse of a selection of the dishes to come.

There were wonderfully light and uncomplicated oysters with smoked vinaigrette and Beurre Blanc ice cream; a successful ceviche of brook trout; as a small vegetarian course really sensational avocado with grapefruit and almond; Venetian sardines with raisins, onions and soaked bread; Pulpo with gremolata; Grilled mackerel with romaine lettuce and bérnaise and as a concrete preview of the future menu at the Chef’s Table a Black-Cod with artichokes and parmesan in smoke stock. The dessert is also completely without fish: plum, salty pistachio and butter crumbs. The culinary start could not have been much better!

The concept is unusual – and that’s exactly where the appeal lies: food sharing is the idea. Together at the table, guests should be able to taste many small and medium plates. The menu changes constantly and shows both classic and fancy fish dishes. As in a modular system, the guest can combine from this offer. And right in the middle of the completely refurbished restaurant is the Chef’s Table. A maximum of eight people can indulge here a little more elaborately. Because exclusively in this area is also offered a menu with 8 to 10 courses (between 95€ and 110€). Casual and fine dining shoulder to shoulder. And from the Chef’s Table even with a perfect view into the open, completely redesigned kitchen.

The basic idea of emotional cuisine runs through all the dishes and the menus. Macyszyn wants to leave behind many of the typical dogmas of starred cuisine and focus more on communication, giving diners the more freedom to choose.

And it succeeds well. The dishes that we have already had the opportunity to taste testified not only to good craftsmanship, but also to creative compositions and clear aromatics. It will be very exciting to see what else Thomas Macyszyn and his team will conjure up here in the near future. Once everything is properly rehearsed, he also wants to devote himself to the somewhat rarer cuts. There was talk of belly flaps, cheeks of course, and he would also like to offer whole salmon heads sometime soon. Many good reasons to find your way to Isekai again more often in the near future…

Boathouse Hamburg

Thomas Macyszyn
Isekai 1, 20249 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0) 40 36035405
E-mail: mail@boathouse.hamburg

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