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Eleven questions about favorite drinks and bars

Annette and Martin nominated me, for the “Liebster Award”. Punishment or honor, you don’t know. Actually, however, it is primarily about eleven questions on the subject of drinks, bars and alcohol. There are worse things, without question. The idea goes back to a podcast of the Bildungstrinker. Of course, I do not want to refuse – and hereby share some of my drinking habits with you.

What’s your favorite drink?
This is directly one of the hardest questions. And I don’t have a blanket answer to that at all. It just depends a lot. To the mood. And time of day. As an aperitif like a dry martini, later in the evening whiskey sour or Old Fashioned. Sometimes nothing beats a good gin and tonic. In the summer very much like a gin Basil Smash.

When did you drink alcohol for the first time?
I can’t put a figure on it that precisely. As a child of the late 70s, I was allowed to try a sip of wine now and then. At first, however, without much enthusiasm on my part. However, that changed as a teenager. Sustainable.

Which drink did you regret the most?
Tequila and bourbon. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop at one. Since my youth, I have developed an aversion to these drinks that has lasted for years, but fortunately it has now fully subsided.

Bar or pub?
Bar. Except in London, there very much like pub.

Champagne or sparkling wine?

Who would you like to drink with?
Of course, always with pleasure with dear friends. But also with experts in their field, such as Christoph Keller. I would love to learn a lot from him about his enthusiasm for distillates, understanding the processes and mechanics behind them. And drink liquor.

Who would you like to drink at?
Fortunately, we have one or two nice bars in Hamburg. The Le Lion, of course, in the first place. But I also find the small club upstairs at Clockers very cozy – and then there are two new openings lined up for this year(here and here). If the journey can be a little further, I would love to go to The Rock or the Campbell Apartment, for example.

What does your home bar look like?
Very compact and accordingly compactly equipped, it stands on an heirloom of the beloved. Some whiskies, Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich and Lagavulin. Then two dimples that I was able to mix myself the other day under the guidance of Chris Clark, the dimple master blender from the Central Lowlands. Grappa, as well as the usual suspects. And an obvious emphasis in the direction of gin. Normally also still a small selection of distillates from Siegfried Herzog, except for the Nusserl but currently drunk out.

House bar. Small, but mine.
House bar. Small, but mine.

Describe your ice cubes.
I’ve had two copies of the Neat Ice Kit in the house for a few months now – and thus finally have large, clear ice cubes.

What’s your gin & tonic recommendation?
Saffron Gin and Fentimemts. And, of course, the fabulous Ginsul. Especially since Stephan Garbe distills it barely two hundred meters from here, in the middle of Altona.

How do you combat your hangover?
Aspirin, curry sausage, lots of water and tea. Preferably suffering on bed or sofa.

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