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Clouds, Hamburg

Hamburg has a new restaurant! What is normally a great reason for joy unfortunately did not trigger any cheers at some openings in the recent past. And so every now and then I mourn other, exciting places outside the Hanseatic city and ask myself: Why can’t Hamburg do that? And then comes the Clouds. And Hamburg can do it after all.

High up at 105 meters, Clouds has been enthroned for a few days on the 23rd floor of the (from my layman’s point of view) architecturally not particularly successful Dancing Towers, on the Reeperbahn No. 1. The highest restaurant in the city first has to offer what one expects from the description: a view. And a grandiose one at that. Below the Elbe, the harbor, the sea of lights.

The ambience takes into account the great view through the floor-to-ceiling windows and appears very reduced at first glance. Cleverly placed spotlights illuminate the tables without overly illuminating the entire room. Walls and ceilings are kept dark, the materials used throughout look very high quality. Sparingly used, selected details round off the picture. A large and well-filled champagne cooler adorns the bar and gives an immediate foreshadowing of the possibilities of the wine list.

In fact, it might almost be enough to take a seat with a good glass of wine (in our case, appropriately enough, a bottle of Castell Miquel “Stairway to Heaven”), enjoy the view, and watch the hustle and bustle of the 120 seats in the restaurant and the 70 more seats at the bar, out of the corner of your eye.

But of course we didn’t leave it at that and got a little familiar with the menu of kitchen director Tell Wagner and chef Sebastian Brugger and first tried the San Daniele ham DOP Riserva with the champagne (Ruinart Rosé, 17,- €), then the “tea from the duck” and “the perfect egg”.


For the main courses, you have to choose between “From the grill” and “From the rotisserie”, we opted for the latter, actually for a Kikok fried chicken for two. However, the large 800g Porterhouse, Dry Aged from North German beef (€139) also sounds extraordinarily exciting.



We conclude our first visit to Clouds with a small chocolate mousse from Michel Cluizel Schokolade.


I am very happy about the new address in Hamburg. Rarely have I experienced such a coherent and at the same time so elaborate new opening. After only a few days, the service is already well-rehearsed, friendly and competent. Ambience, cuisine and of course the fantastic view intertwine wonderfully and immediately create an upbeat feeling of urban cozyness in the guest.

Of course, all this is no coincidence, because Clouds is the new project of the four East Hotel and Coast partners Christoph Strenger, Marc Ciunis, Jan Töben and Thomas Kreye.

Clouds | heaven’s bar & kitchen
Reeperbahn 1, 20359 Hamburg
Fon +49 40 – 30 99 32 80

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