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Long March Canteen, Berlin

It’s actually been over six years since I wrote(elsewhere at the time) about my culinary enthusiasm for dim sum. Twice I went to Yauatcha in London, a Michelin-starred restaurant specializing in dim sum and Chinese and Indian tea. At least since then my great interest in the small dumplings arose, combined with the problem that there are hardly any places where they are served in a nice ambience.

Fortunately, the interest in the different varieties of Asian cuisine has increased massively in recent years, and so the successful emancipation of Dim Sum as an independent restaurant category is possibly also beginning in Germany.

At least in Berlin, this is already the case thanks to Axel Burbacher and Guan Guangfeng. In addition to Yumcha Heroes, which follows the idea of the classic Chinese teahouse where dumplings are always served with tea, Long March Canteen goes one step further.

Video Yumcha Heroes

The interior design concept at Long March Canteen is somewhere between a Chinese backyard, a dark opium den, and a backdrop from Bladerunner. In any case, it is unique and the cooking station for the dim sums, which is located in the center of the room and surrounded by constant steam, is a perfectly successful staging.

Long March Canteen-000

Long March Canteen 001

Long March Canteen-003

But also culinary you can not complain. We left little out of our order and worked our way across the menu once.

Long March Canteen-100

Dumplings De Luxe with scallop and halibut

Long March Canteen-101

Fried dumplings with beef

Long March Canteen-102

Pink roast beef slices with coriander, chilli and soy sauce

Long March Canteen-103

Edamame with coarse sea salt

Long March Canteen-104

Marinated duck breast Peking style

Long March Canteen-105

Baby calamari on skewer as at Afon in Zhejiang

Long March Canteen-106

Pork belly with baby asparagus

Long March Canteen-107

Lotus leaves stuffed with glutinous rice, dried shrimps and Chinese sausage

Long March Canteen-108

Warm chocolate dumplings with cinnamon cocoa and vanilla sauce

A successful concept, a good menu, very fair prices and a suitable ambience designed with great attention to detail.

Even at the risk of repeating myself: I would also much rather see the Long March Canteen in Hamburg than in Berlin, so I could enjoy the many small delicacies much more often.

Long March Canteen
Wrangelstr. 20
10997 Berlin
Tel 0178-8849599

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